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Famous Jailbreak Developer Gets $3million Grant for Self Driving Car

Famous Jailbreak Developer Gets $3million Grant for Self Driving Car

by Tyler SmithApr 6, 2016

If you have been around the community as long as some of us have been you would know the name George Hotz or as many of us know him, GeoHot. Well a little while ago he was looking into creating a self-driving car and he actually did an interview with Bloomberg where he actually tested out the car and he stated, while driving mind you, that the first time it worked was that morning. Since then he has worked like crazy because his goal is

to bring the kit — both computer vision software and the cameras — to market for less than $1,000 a pop before the end of 2016. It’ll be relatively easy to install, said Hotz, “on par with setting up a piece of IKEA furniture.”

  • CNNMoney

Now Hotz is someone with a very nice tech background. He has interned at Google, worked for Facebook, and was even sued by Sony for hacking their PlayStation. He is also the first person to hack the Apple iPhone and is more well-known for creating site which allowed you to jailbreak your phone right from the device, something that hasn’t been done since. Hotz also took a couple of classes at Carnegie Mellon but never finished due to him thinking that “college is potentially the greatest scam in history”, he told CNNMoney on Monday, which for him is something that he did not need to become who he is today. Fun Fact, Hotz is actually originally from New Jersey (Represent!).

This is all great for him because as a jailbreaker myself I am very happy to hear that someone as smart as he is, is actually getting his work recognized not as a hacker or a tech geek, but as an innovator. Taking a look at the setup he showed in a past interview, feat_georgehotz52_1280

it looks like a mess but he has since refined it and with this money he will soon be off to getting everyone in an affordable self-driving vehicle.

What do you guys think about this?

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