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Jailbreak Awards 2015

Jailbreak Awards 2015

by Tyler SmithJan 3, 2016

Now that 2015 is over we get to look back on all of the past year in the jailbreak world and we see so many things. So many new tweaks, themes, and everything of the sort. So lets take a look inside and see who are the nominees for this years Jailbreak Awards!
There are currently 17 categories for this year’s award and the response to it all was great. The categories and nominees are as follows –

Best Tweak Developer of the Year

  • CPDigitalDarkroom (HideMe developer)
  • Ryan Petrich (Activator Developer)
  • Charlie Hewitt (Seng Developer)
  • Creatix (UniversalForce Developing Team)

Best Theme Developer of the Year

  • Veerklempt (Vexillum Designer)
  • Surenix (Ayeris Designer)
  • Purdixx (Muze Designer)
  • FrenchiTouch (Astral Designer)

Most Promising Developer of the Year

  • Creatix
  • Charlie Hewitt
  • TweakWiz (Notification Cards Developer)
  • Ziph0n (Beep Beep Developer)

Best Free Tweaks of the Year

  • Activator
  • Phantom for Snapchat (CokePokes)
  • RevealMenu (iMokhles)
  • Anemone

Best Paid Tweak of the Year

  • Seng
  • HideMeX
  • Springtomize 3 (Fillipo & Janosch)
  • Virtual Home 8 n 9 (moeseth)

Best Legacy Tweak 

  • Activator
  • Springtomize
  • Virtual Home 8 n 9
  • Priority Hub (Thomas Fitch)
  • F.Lux
  • SwipeSelection (iKy1e (Kyle Howells)

Best Novelty Tweak

  • HOPP’N (Creatix)
  • Seng
  • SuperSlam (rdrnt)
  • Forcy (Straya Dev Team)

Most Useless Tweak of the Year

  • SuperSlam
  • Evanesco (CPDigitalDarkroom)
  • TokeTime (Phillip Tennen)
  • JetFuelCantMeltSteelBeams

Best Free Theme of the Year

  • Milkshake (ArkLotif)
  • Gotham for iPhone (ErwinTravis)
  • Glyphs iOS 9 (Conny Ahlgren)
  • Cherry for iPhone (Erik Pacheco (Xarnyx))

Best Paid Theme of the Year

  • Veexillum
  • Muze 2
  • Ayeris
  • Enkel ‘9 (Djaovx)

Most Helpful /r/Jailbreak User of the Year

  • Ziph0n
  • Car5V
  • Coolstar
  • q-quan

Most Helpful /r/iOSThemes User of the Year

  • Sweetxkiss
  • Car5V
  • Ziph0n
  • Junesiphone

Best iOS Setup Creator of the Year

  • SweetxKiss
  • junesiphone
  • ildgaf

Best Jailbreak Team of the Year

  • TaiG (8.1.3 – 8.4)
  • Pangu (9.0 – 9.0.2)
  • Luca Todesco (8.4.1)

Best Jailbreak-related YouTuber of the Year

  • iTwe4kz
  • myjailbreakmovies (IDownloadBlog)
  • EverythingApplePro
  • iCrackUriDevice

Best Jailbreak-related Website of the Year

  • iDownloadBlog
  • iJailbreakDaily
  • Jailbreak Subreddit
  • iOSThemes Subreddit

Most Influential Reason for Jailbreaking of the Year

  • Customization of Appearance
  • Tweaks to iOS
  • Tweaks to Third Party Apps
  • Access to Filesystem

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, those are the Jailbreak Awards Nominees. Make sure you go out on January 3 to vote for your Favorites.

As Always remember to stay tuned to iJailbreakDaily and follow us on social Media.

Featured image and images in post made by @slystudios, a member of the JBA15 Team.

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