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Sep 27, 2016

Here is the solution for lack of Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

Appeared on Youtube a funny video starring iPhone and a drill.

The lack of 3.5 mm headphone jack is so heavy for most of the users that it does not allow them to enjoy the new iPhone. And then TechRax released a video, clearly ironic, to show a secret trick to make a headphone jack on iPhone by literally drilling in it.

Clearly the video is just for fun, so enjoy it without performing the same operation:

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Jul 29, 2016

HONEST TRAILER of PokemonGo will show you how ridiculous game is

PokemonGo is now the biggest app of all time. It has tens of millions of people all around the world getting out of the house, exploring their neighborhoods, socializing with strangers and even getting in some much-needed exercise.

But as a game, it’s still really not all that great.

Smosh well knows for its”Honest Trailers” for the movies released every year and smosh games channel has taken up in recent years as well with “Honest Game Trailers”. Trailers highlight the silliest aspect of game:


Smosh Games refers to the app as a “groundbreaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps and Paper Toss,” [...]

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Jul 29, 2016

6 rare Pokemon that are impossible to find in PokemonGo

Last Thursday morning, one user took to Reddit to announce that he caught all the available Pokemon in North America i.e 142 Pokemon, but the game was expected to feature entire list original selection which of 151 Pokemon. So where are other 9?

Three of the Pokemon missing from this player’s Pokedex actually can be found in the wild, but they’re thought to be exclusive to certain regions. Farfetch’d can supposedly be found in Asia, Kangaskhan in Australia and Mr. Mime in Europe. So although you can catch these Pokemon, you’re going to have to book a flight.

That leaves six other Pokemon that the North American completionist hasn’t found yet:

6 RARE [...]
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Apr 6, 2016

Famous Jailbreak Developer Gets $3million Grant for Self Driving Car

If you have been around the community as long as some of us have been you would know the name George Hotz or as many of us know him, GeoHot. Well a little while ago he was looking into creating a self-driving car and he actually did an interview with Bloomberg where he actually tested out the car and he stated, while driving mind you, that the first time it worked was that morning. Since then he has worked like crazy because his goal is

to bring the kit — both computer vision software and the cameras — to market for less than $1,000 a pop before the end of 2016. It’ll be relatively easy to install, said Hotz, “on par with setting up a piece of IKEA [...]

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