Top Cydia Tweaks

  • Badger

    New Way To Look At Notifications

  • DimInCall

    Avoid Hanging Up On People

  • QuickGestures

    Quickly Call, Email Or Text

  • QuickCall

    Quickly Make A Call From Anywhere

  • AltKeyboard

    Make iOS Typing Easier

  • TwitPlaying

    Tweet The Name Of The Song

  • WeChatAddon

    For Qr4WeChat

  • TrollTwitter

    Add Fake Folowers

  • Vox

    Alternative Battery Indicator

  • FakeEmail

    Send A Fake Email To A Friend

  • TimeForAlarm

    Countdown To Your Next Alarm

  • Cleaner Pro

    Clear Up To 40% Of Memory In 10seconds

  • DoubleTap

    Multi Touch Gestures On Your iPad

  • PowerActions

    Easy Way To Set Reminders

  • Axis

    Adds 5 Custom Apps To Lockscreen Grabber

  • FrontFlash

    Adds A Flash To Front Facing Camera

  • FXOSLock

    A Very Simple Lockscreen Tweak

  • Atom

    A New Awesome Way To Quickly Access Your Favourite Apps From Lockscreen.

  • Aqua Board

    Adds A Water Inspired Effect To Your Lockscreen & Springboard.

  • LockScreen

    Settings Adds Customisations To Your LockScreen.

  • Springtomize

    Hundreds Of Cydia Tweaks Rolled Into One.

  • Grafiti

    Adds message keyboard designated to drawing/doodling.

  • Customise

    Facebook Customise Your iPhone/iPad Facebook v5.0.

  • Zeppelin

    Add a Custom Carrier Logo To Your iDevice

  • iUnlock

    Adds Custom Animation Gestures To your iDevice’s Lockscreen.

  • ClockWind

    Drastically Speed Up Your Animations On Your iDevice

  • CleverPin

    Adds PassCode Intelligence To Your iDevice

  • EasyRefresh

    Add A Simple ‘Refresh’ Button To The New iOS Chrome.

  • Aicon

    Applies Instagram Effects To Springboard Icons.

  • QR4whatsapp

    Add Quick Reply To Whatsapp Messages From Anywhere.

  • PowerUp

    Supercharge your power screen.

  • BiteSMS

    Replace Default SMS Application With BiteSMS Full of Features – Must Have!

  • TwitkaFly

    Extend The Functionality Of The Twitter App.

  • IconRotator

    Rotate Your Springboard Icons.

  • AppCent

    A Simple Tweak To Add Percentages To Your App Downloads.

  • BetterChrome

    Add Social Sharing To Google Chrome’s iOS Browser.

  • BrightVol

    Simply Alter The Brightness Of Your iPhone Or iPad.

  • Bridge

    Add Music To Your Library Without The Use Of iTunes.

  • Accelerate

    Dramatically Speed Up iOS Animations On Your Device.

  • SLightEnhancerSearch

    Adds Facebook, Twitter & Cydia To Your Spotlight Search.

  • ChargingBackground

    Display Your Device’s Background While In Charging Mode.

  • Activoice

    Siri Inspired Tweak That Works Along Side The New Google Search.

  • NowNow

    Tweak To Replace Siri With The New Google Search App.

  • Emblem

    Reinvents iOS Push Notifications On Your iPad Device.

  • BannerBoarders

    Customise Your Notification Banner.

  • iFile

    File manager with loads of capabilities.

  • Nito

    Installer A simpler way to add nitoTV & XMBC to your Apple TV using your iOS device.

  • IntelliscreenX

    Completely customise you standard iOS notification centre with some cool widgets.

  • Auxo

    The way iOS 6 multitasking should be. Complete overhall of iOS multitasking.

  • InfiniDock

    Add Cool Customisable Scrolling To Your iOS Dock.

  • RollPaper

    Customise your iPad photos by adding background image to camera roll images.

  • AlarmDisplayPro

    Enhanced control over your iOS alarm.

  • iScheduledSMS

    Set and schedule your SMS messages.

  • LiveWire

    A cool lockscreen unlock animation.

  • RaiseToCall

    Allows you to raise phone to your ear while in SMS mode to call that person.

  • LockScreenSettings

    Allows you to make a few adjustments to your lockscreen

  • Barrel

    Awesome 3D animation effects when scrolling pages on springboard.

  • LastPic

    Allows you to easily access the last picture taken when in SMS mode.

  • InfiniDock

    Customisable scrolling dock.

  • LivelyIcons

    Cool animation to springboard icons when tapped.

  • Velox

    Re-invent How You Interact With Your iPhone

  • GoogleNowEnabler

    Enable Google Now Quickly On Your iOS Device

  • AnyLockApp

    Shortcut To Your Favourite App

  • Accentify

    Change Default iOS UI Colour Scheme